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Welcome to Dragons-of-Ages Group!

Greetings, my fellow deviants! :wave:

In this new kind of group, we will show you bunch of artworks containing fantastic DRAGONS! However, it only depend. on their ages and generation for a dragon's growth is a wonderful adventure in his/her life.

And, by the way, this is not actually a fan club of "Dragon Age" game ^^; It's just a group name for Growth Ages


Joining the Group
As an art collection, you should have dragon artworks in your gallery. :) You may send an invitation to join our group. It's okay if you don't have dragons in your gallery, but to watch us.

The dragon artwork can be coloured, inked or sketched...any artwork you can have! Also, it can be a feral or anthro. (Not corpses, zombies, ghosts, tattoos and non-draconic ones)

Submit your dragon artwork to the following folders:

If your artwork contains a single dragon or multiple of dragons with same ages, please submit it correctly in these folders

Folders...Fictionally estimated life span...Examples

Eggs and Hatchlings 1-4 years
Young Whelps 5-16 years…
Juveniles 17-50 years
Young Adults 51-90 years…
Great Wyrms 91-above years (Ferals only)

If your artwork contains two or more dragons with different sizes, please submit it in this folder:

If you have sheets that contain a dragon character's growth development (not transformations or mutations), AGE MEME, for example, submit it in this folder:
Growth Progress Sheet

When submitting any artwork, an administrator will check for the dragon's ages particularly. Then we will accept the submission. If, however, we check that you submit it in wrong folder, we may decline it and comment the submission process to place in a correct folder. Have fun! :D

As co-founder of :iconmagicalwoods: I can proudly present you our very fist contest. It starts today and ends in one month, on 11th January. You have a lot of time to make something natural and magical related so you can entry contest and earn a chance to get one of plenty of prizes in points :points: and free art commissions.

For the contest you should create a creature that you think stands for nature. A spirit that's either a guardian of nature or maybe represents nature itself. You can be quite free in the design. It can be a dragon, an elf, a pegasus or unicorn, well in fact any creature you think fits best as a spirit of nature.

Be sure to check it out and be creative, but more importantly have fun  :)

Read more here   Magical Woods CONTEST BEGINS!!! (Important Update)Hello everyone of Magicalwoods!
Finally our contest will start! Both MilicaClk and me collected some prizes and we're happy to announce the theme.
But first I want to thank my now co-founder for all the help in managing the group! Thank you so much! :love:
:bulletblack: Now for the contest theme: MAGICAL WOODS - The spirit of nature.
Since it's our first contest we thought it should be something about our groups' name. So create a creature that you think stands for nature. A spirit that's either a guardian of nature or maybe represents nature itself. You can be quite free in the design. It can be a dragon, an elf, a pegasus or unicorn, well in fact any creature you think fits best as a spirit of nature.
:bulletblack: Here some basic rules for the contest:
- You have to be a member of MagicalWoods.
- Your entry must have a background, not just some splashes of color.
- Please no mature content or too much violence.
- You can submit up to two entries, though you cannot win two prizes. S
More Journal Entries

Group Info

The group of dragons with different ages (Egg, Hatchling, Whelp, Juvenile, Young Adult and Wyrm.
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 15, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

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hello im semir10000 and i am the leader and maker of dragon-flame-network,it is a group that is basically a soon to be network where we all help make soon to be the greatest TV shows,both art and story's are welcome under my approval.i help to make my dreams,the teams dreams,and everybody dreams come to life.

about me:

well let me tell you about myself,im 15 years old,im a male,im 5.8 feet tall,i was burn in Bosnia,i came to america when i was a month old because of the war,i have been watching TV shows,movies,cartoons,anime for almost my howl life,i have watch over 245 defrunt TV shows completely and 102 movies.i love all kinds of cartoons and anime,in TV,comic,and any kind of form.i have been thinking about making my own TV shows ever since i was 5 years old,and now i want to start in deviant-art.and i want all your help.


this group is a soon to be network and well be the greatest network with the greatest shows there is.the shows here well be brand new and well all be the greatest there is,some well be new series completely like one i call dragons and robots,some well be new series from old ones like ben 10 omega force,i well be making hounded s of this shows and i well make each better then the last,i well be making the shows that i want and the shows that other people like.if there is a show anyone want to see in there own version,talk to me in a comment or note on my page,semir10000,and we can work something out.i promise i well try everything i have to make every show i want and every body wants.i well take any ideas anyone has,comment me and i well help.

the TV shows:

some of the tv shows are remakes of old ones,like ben 10,pokemon,digimon,transformers,etc. i well also make brand new shows no one has seen that well be just as great as the rest.the them that most of the shows have well be next generation,like the old shows old main characters kids being the new main characters,the brand new shows well also have a somewhat of a kid or teen as a main character,the point is that by the time this network gets to tv we well be grown and have kids of are own,our kids well see the shows and see what we worked to make and be prod of use.if anyone has an idea for a tv show or even an character they can send me a comment or an note telling me about them,i well try my best to help.

the network evolution steps.

step 1: characters.

we well start like most shows start by making the shows characters and other objects they need.

step 2: plot.

we of course need the main idea of the tv shows to bring them together.

step 3: story.

i well be making the most of the episodes from every show on this network,with help and ideas from the networks group members.

step 4: comics.

before tv most tv shows start out as books or comics,i want to do comics so we see the art and the story at the same time.

step 5: tv.

after we try our best and are grown,we well make this network and it well be the greatest there is,we well see our show with millions of other people who are watching them,and we could see a vary bright future because of that.

how others can help:

anyone who want to join and help can.


if you want to join the network comment on my page,semir10000 or send a note and i well invite you to the position you want.


they are like the managers and they well have a say in both the art and story's of the shows,and they well each be in charge of a certain show they want.


people who have ideas or art they want to see in the shows well be able to put them in the network and well have a chance to see them come to life in a show or there own show.


they can put there ideas on the network and they well see results,any kind of idea you have well be listen too.

what people not in the group can do to help:

well all networks need finances,i well do my best to provide does but for all the shows to prosper,it could need some help with commissions or other things.if you want to put something to the network go here,… , i promise you it well help bring this network and its shows and its members dreams to life.

the future of the network.

i promise,if we do this together we well bring it to life and we well have good results from it.any dream you have i well help make it some true with all my might,we are a group and a team,we well work together and bring old and new dreams and ideas to life.

for questions and comments or to join the network go here: you can leave a comment or note to talk.

to see the network:


come join and i promise you well be happy you did.
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 Undead Dragon artwork-->…
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later I need to adjust the rules on submission time limit :P
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